Aa'rar Bahadur - Showcasing Rohingya role models

  • By BBC Media Action
  • 17/11/2021

[Updated 17 November 2021 with new episode]

There are lots of people living in the camps who have different skills and abilities. They are working to solve their problems themselves and helping other people at the same time. To celebrate those people and inspire others, BBC Media Action had produced a new video series called Aa'rar Bahadur (Our Heroes) that highlights how Rohingya people living in the camps are helping each other to solve their own problems.

In each 7-10 minute episode we are introduced to a new person and learn more about them, their family and friends and the community around them. We also discover how they are working to improve their own lives and to help their own local community.

People featured in the series include a man who has a small garden and teaches others the benefits of growing their own food, a woman who turns rubbish into items she can sell and a carpenter who, with the help of others, fixes people’s shelters.

You can watch a short taster of the series here.

These videos are for use in community centres, information hubs and in other spaces where the community meet; and can be downloaded freely for use by all humanitarian agencies working in Cox's Bazar. Programmes are in Rohingya language, can be played in any order and are available as high-resolution (approx 1GB per episode, for large screens) and low-resolution (approx 50MB per episode, for mobile phones) versions. Episodes with English subtitles are also available.

  • Programme 1 (High-res / Low-res / with English subtitles) - We meet a young Rohingya man who helps those who face physical challenges getting around the camp.
  • Programme 2 (High-res / Low-res / with English subtitles- We meet a Rohingya singer who raises awareness on important issues such as problems of early marriage, safe drinking water and the dowry system, by entertaining them with his mandolin.
  • Programme 3 (High-res / Low-res- We meet a tailor who teaches other women how taking up needle work can be empowering and also provide economic independence.
  • Programme 4 (High-res / Low-res- We meet a woman who is tackling the important issue of keeping her neighbourhood clean by cleaning up waste and reducing the possibility of disease.
  • Programme 5 (High-res / Low-res / with English subtitles- We meet a woman who teaches others to embroider pillows, hats and other items that supports them to earn some money.
  • Programme 6 (High-res / Low-res- We meet a carpenter who uses his woodwork skills to help others fix their houses and passes the knowledge on to others.
  • Programme 7 (High-res / Low-res- We meet a plumber and electrician who fixes tube wells to ensure safe drinking water and fixes solar lights in his neighbourhood.
  • Programme 8 (High-res / Low-res- We meet a gardener who is helping make the camp greener and grows nutritious food in his rooftop garden.
  • Programme 9 (High-res / Low-res / with English subtitles- We meet a woman who makes mats and other items by recycling plastic waste. She helps keep the neighbourhood clean and earns some money as well.
  • Programme 10 (High-res / Low-res / with English subtitles- We meet a man who cleans drains and works with others to pick up rubbish from his local area.
  • Programme 11 (High-res / Low-res) - We meet a woman who teaches others how to use embroidery skills to earn money.
  • Programme 12 (High-resLow-res / with English subtitles) - We meet a man who weaves cradles for babies.
  • [NEW] Programme 13 (High-res / Low-res) - We meet a man who makes stretchers with bamboo and cloth to carry pregnant women, sick people and aged people to the hospital.

You can also download all the episodes together, in high-resolution (for large screens) or low-resolution (for mobile phones).

If you have any feedback on the programs or know of a hero who we could feature in future programmes, please contact us at cxbfeedback@bd.bbcmediaaction.org 

Aa'rar Bahadur is part of the Common Service for Community Engagement and Accountability, which is being delivered in partnership with Action Against Hunger and UNOPS and is funded by EU Humanitarian Aid and the UK Department for International Development. The series has also benefited from support from Global Affairs Canada.

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