About The Members

General Membership

Membership of Shongjog, the Multi-stakeholder Platform (MSP) is open to any organisation that works on disaster management in Bangladesh, regularly contributes to the system, run programmes or utilize funds. Relevant Government agencies that have a clear mandate for communication with communities (CwC) in disaster, according to the Standing Order on Disaster (SOD), are also expected to be part of this platform. Organisations satisfying any of the criteria mentioned below are eligible for membership:

  • Organisations that can represent diverse perspectives and network on the issue of disaster management and thereby can contribute to framing products and processes for CwC.


  • Organisations that have access to communities, either themselves or through their networks, and influence over networks and systems that have the ability to contribute into the CwC working in Bangladesh.

All interested organisations need to endorse the spirit, values and principles of CwC in Bangladesh as well as the humanitarian imperative and principles. Organisations also need to commit to active participation in the platform in order to achieve its vision and deliver role & function.

Any organisation fit for the criteria can apply for general membership in the prescribed manner. General membership will be reviewed by the Core Group biannually and membership will expire in case of inactiveness of the member in the platform.

Responsibilities of General Members:

  • Actively participate in collaborative activities to achieve the vision and goal of the MSP, as well as to deliver the roles and functions described above.
  • Develop coordinated strategic priorities and a plan for the MSP.
  • Contribute to the MSP strategic plan and annual activities. Contributions can include direct and indirect funding for the MSP, technical expertise, staff time, air time, broadcasting expertise as well as contributing to the coordinated public dissemination.
  • Select a Core Group Member from their own representative group (i.e. International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) will select the INGO representative for the Core Group)
  • Promote the principles and values of the Platform as well to advocate for CwC
  • Share knowledge and information on lessons learned, success stories, case studies, program results related to the work of the Platform.
  • Proactively coordinate with other humanitarian actors during disaster/any other emergency response concerning CwC.

Follow the additional guidelines for disaster and humanitarian response to ensure effectiveness of services and assistance.


About Shongjog

The Shongjog Multi-stakeholder Platform (MSP) is a collaborative effort made up of government, international and national NGOs and other groups. The MSP on Communication with Communities (CwC) will aim to ensure that there are identified credible sources of information, where information is managed and updated. The Shongjog MSP will also aim to promote trust between communities and the disaster response sector by recognizing voices of the community and reflecting them in strategies, policies and decision-making processes.

About The CDAC Network

The Communicating with Disaster-Affected Communities (CDAC) Network aims to ensure that communities affected by, and prone to, crisis are better able to withstand and recover from humanitarian emergencies, and are actively engaged in decisions about the relief and recovery efforts in their country.

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